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 Welcome to my website. I made a smal movie to inform you over my website. On this website you find around 700 piece of sheetmusic completely free. In the movie I explain were you can find it.

I hope it will help you ..........

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Instead of watching you can also read this:

On this website you can find sheet music round 700 pieces (bladmuziek) for a CF melodeon, a GC melodeon, and an AD melodeon. All melodeons with a turned fifth button on the second row. If you ignore the numbers below the notes, you can play the music on any melodeon.

You can also find sheetmusic for the three row melodeon in GCF, and the Club melodeon.

g huiskamer

By the way, the numbers below the notes correspond with the fingering diagram, in dutch called "toetsensschema". On most of the sheetmusic pages you can find a pdf file of it.

The numbers in front of the tunes in the CF part indicates the level: 1 is easy 4 is difficult

You can find the sheet music by clicking on the Buttons on the top of every page. Then click on 'midi' or 'mp3' to listen to the music, or you can click on 'pdf' to see and print the music.

If you want to play with someone else click on Samenspelen

I made some videos of some of my compositions  click here to watch them.

The sheetmusic on this site is free from rights (as far as I know). For my own  compositions you can make copies for yourself. More about this read the Creative Commons Licentie

New sheet music will be posted once or twice a month.  

If you have questions, remarks or suggestions, don't be shy to contact me. One of the reasons I build a website is to find people with the same passion. Klick on  Mailadres

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